The Magnitude of the Impact

The American Academy of Dermatology estimates 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss

The impact, although not causing severe health issues, has strongly been linked to

emotional trauma, self-image problems and depression

especially among younger ages and women

How We Lose Hair

Hair loss is caused by damage, depletion or disruption to Dermal Papilla (DP) and proliferating progenitor cells controlling the hair cycle. When DP cells are damaged or depleted, there is no way to regenerate them and recover the hair follicle.

No treatment today can

regenerate dermal papilla

and spawn new hair follicles

Types of Hair Loss

Inadequacy of Current Hair Loss Treatments

The Result:
Billions of dollars wasted on solutions that don't grow new hairs.

So What's the Real Solution?

Only Stemson Therapeutics has developed a proprietary method for generating de novo follicles.
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